Synergy Home Filter™


We get asked every day for a whole house filtration system that we recommend. Well we couldn’t really recommend any system so we developed our own. This is a very robust system with proprietary filtration components. We don’t want anyone to compromise and therefore we have only one system that is overbuilt to remove everything you would want to remove.


The Synergy Home Filter™ offers 5 stages of very robust filtration. It removes the toxins you would want to remove in water. It is designed to last 7 years. It removes harmful contaminants.

Never compromise the safety of your children and family. Installation of the filter is included.

The system has a 5 year warranty covering defects.


• Chlorine & Chloramines
• Fluoride
• Herbicides
• Cycloate
• Algae
• Pesticides
• Tricyclazole
• Cadmium
• Hydrocarbons
• Styrene
• Nitrates
• Chorium
• Bacteria
• Mold
• Heavy Metals-(Mercury, Lead, Iron, Arsenic)
• Microbial Contaminants
• Oil
• Solvents
• Esters
• Glycols
• Pharmaceutical Contaminants
• Inorganic Contaminants
• Beryllium
• Manganese
• Selenium
• PCBs
• Triclosan
• Rotavirus
• Poliovirus
• Bisphenol
• Atrazine
• Scale


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