Synergy Home Filter™ (Installed)



We get asked every day for a whole house filtration system that we recommend. Well we couldn’t really recommend any system so we developed our own. This is a very robust system with proprietary filtration components. We don’t want anyone to compromise and therefore we have only one system that is overbuilt to remove everything you would want to remove.

The Synergy Home Filter™ offers 5 stages of very robust filtration. It filters the toxins you would want to remove in water. It is designed to last up to 7 years*. Synergy Science Whole Home Filter is a low-maintenance, easy to install system.

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Synergy Home Filter (Installed)

Starting at $110/mo

The Synergy Home Filter™ offers 5 stages of very robust filtration. It removes the toxins and contaminants you would want to remove in water. It is designed to last up to 7 years and to make your life easier it includes basic installation.

Never compromise the safety of your children and family.

This unique filtration system includes:

  • 1 Pre-Filter
  • 1 Main Filtration Tank
  • 1 Post-Filter

This ultimate filtration system differs from many competitors on the market today. Our Synergy Home Filter offers 5 stages of filtration along with pre-filtration and post-filtration mechanisms. The media found inside is KDF-55, KDF-85, and activated carbon.

Furthermore, our filter media is set in a reticulated foam, not just poured into a tank, like most of the other systems out there. It is important to know the difference. The reticulated foam makes it so that channeling through out the media does not occur. When channeling occurs you lose the ability for the media to filter and react with the toxins found in your water.

Because of the high concentrations of KDF media (not just sprinkling a few ounces among non-activated carbon like most of our competitors), this system can be more expensive than other inferior systems found on the market. We embrace this. As a company, it is our goal to provide the most effective whole-home filter on the market. Our filtration tank is bigger than most other filtration systems and our media combination and quality is extremely different than that of our competitors. When it comes to water filtration we don’t want to cut any corners at the expense of your water quality. We are a health company first and foremost and see water as a means to help support the body’s ability to stay healthy.


• Chlorine & Chloramines
• Fluoride
• Herbicides
• Cycloate
• Algae
• Pesticides
• Tricyclazole
• Cadmium
• Hydrocarbons
• Styrene
• Nitrates
• Chorium
• Bacteria
• Mold
• Heavy Metals-(Mercury, Lead, Iron, Arsenic)
• Microbial Contaminants
• Oil
• Solvents
• Esters
• Glycols
• Pharmaceutical Contaminants
• Inorganic Contaminants
• Beryllium
• Manganese
• Selenium
• PCBs
• Triclosan
• Rotavirus
• Poliovirus
• Bisphenol
• Atrazine
• Scale