Echo 9 Ultra H2 Maintenance Kit



This kit is designed to help you provide maintenance to your Echo® 9 Ultra H2 Machine.

With every part of the world being so different where some places have high total dissolved solids (TDS) or hard water an the tubing leading to the machine from the source water can be clogged by hard water build up. This often results in low pressure to the Hydrogen water machine. In these hard water areas, we recommend a yearly or bi annual maintenance session where you break down the hard water build up with industrial grade vinegar (30% vinegar).

Remember, our hydrogen producing machines all have special patents where the electrolysis cell operates scale free. The tubing inside the machine, however, can build up with minerals if a hard water filter is not incorporated. Sadly, we have no control over the amount of minerals found in your water in each and every area where you may live but we can help you clean the minerals from your tubing with our Echo Maintenance Kits

We have created this kit for you to be able to keep regular maintenance on your Echo® Water Machine.