First off Echo® does not want to talk negatively about our competitor, but to answer the question; Kangen® is a good machine. When Kangen® machines are brand new they produce hydrogen just like the Echo® machines. However, in about 2 weeks time the Kangen® machine will produce enough mineral build up that it will require cleaning. In their warranty they will tell you that you will need to clean their machine every 2 weeks. If it isn’t cleaned it will no longer produce dissolved hydrogen. With the Echo machine you never have to clean the electrolysis chamber to have dissolved hydrogen. Echo® has a 5 years warranty that covers parts, labor and shipping and, we install your unit for free. Kangen® has a 5 year warranty, and after the 5 years you will have to pay for 3 year warranty extensions. You will also be responsible for installing your own unit. Our filtration system is also superior. We have a 9 stage filter that removes pesticides, chlorine, bacteria, viruses, chloramines, fungus, algae and 50% fluoride. It also removes 99% of soluble metals such as mercury, lead, nickel, copper, chromium and arsenic and stops scale build up including Lyme. Kangen® has a carbon filter and calcium sulfite. Echo® has cleaner toxin free water at half the price. That’s the difference!